7 Days To Die Gets Its Biggest Update Yet

The end of February marked the release of 7 Days to Dies latest update, Alpha 7. Developers, The Fun Pimps, released the patch yesterday, which added a lot more content to the title, including an in depth stealth system that works around sight sound and smell. The smell system compliments another feature, cooking and chemistry. Food items that you cook will have varying smell strengths that can attract the zombies, meats being the strongest smells whilst baked goods smell less. Stealth will make venturing out in the dark, when the zombies are most frantic, a lot more interesting, as before, midnight scavenging had to be done at a running pace. The zombies will also have new behaviours, such as creating hordes that are attracted by sound, and no longer automatically knowing where you are. This fits into the new smell, sound and stealth system.

As well as new content, they also patched a lot of the games mechanics, such as player spawning, allowing players to choose whether they are solo, coop, or pvp orientated. Zombies can now see through windows, and zombie dogs no longer spin in circles. There has also been a complete visual overhaul, making ground textures flow a lot more smoothly, along with a new lighting model.

There is plenty more too. To check out the patch notes, follow this link.