Upcoming The Last of Us DLC Will Add New Difficulty Mode

In a recent post on their blog about the latest add-on, Left Behind, Naughty Dog revealed some snippets of information about The Last of Us’ third DLC.

The upcoming addition will not only feature tonnes of new weapons, skills and maps for multiplayer, but will also include a new difficulty mode for single player. Though it hasn’t been stated, we can assume this will be a higher difficulty as opposed to anything else, but it could also be a more specific mode that impacts the core of the game. Whatever it is, this means that not only will players be able to get some new content with the update, but they also have the chance to play through the entirety of The Last of Us in a new way.

Though there is no word yet on just what Naughty Dog are going to be adding to The Last of Us or when it is coming, they have stated that it will be the last story based DLC that the game will see. Here’s hoping this final chapter of The Last of Us will live up to the rest of the game’s reputation.