New Veteran Rewards Program and Playtest for Ghost Recon Online

Ubisoft have announced new features for the next update of Ghost Recon Online, along with a Veteran Rewards program.

The rewards program comes as a thank you to beta players for their contribution to the game. Players will be granted up to £25.00 of in-game currency based on their tenure and experience. The program is available to players who join the game before its official launch this spring with the reward being automatically credited in two weeks of launch.

Ubisoft will also be introducing a gameplay update featuring smoke grenade and tactical insertions, which allows players to obscure the battlefield and spawn next to their teammates.

“Tactical Insertion and Smoke Grenades are an important gameplay update that we believe will impact strategic gameplay on the battlefield,” said Simon Davis, Lead Game Designer. “For the first time in the history of our game, we will make the features available first in a public playtest, so that our players can try them out and give their feedback. We want to make sure it is fine tuned for launch.