Grim Dawn Act II Now Available on Steam Early Access

Crate Entertainment have announced that Grim Dawn’s second instalment, Act II, has been released. This update doubles the current amount of in-game content, and brings the Early Access title two thirds of the way to its final state. As well as content, the update also adds many general improvements, including a redesigned HUD and some graphical enhancements.

Act II adds a whole new region, Old Arkovia, to the world, bringing with it over 10 hours of additional gameplay. In this new location, players will face off against the Four Hills gang and their leader, Darius Cronley. Players will also venture into the undercity of Old Arkovia, unravelling the truth behind the cursed city’s final days.

The update also focuses on the concept of choice and consequences. Act II will be littered with tough decisions that will impact the game in significant ways, as the lives of strangers, families or entire villages rest in the players hands.  This is intended to increase the game’s re-playability factor, as you can take other paths in different playthroughs to see how things could have panned out differently.

Other significant new features to the game include the challenging dungeon, ‘Steps of Torment,’ the ability to explode obstacles with dynamite and to restore broken structures, ten new enemy types and 23 new bosses, and a raised level cap of 35.

Grim Dawn is set to receive additional updates in the coming months, which will add even more quests and areas to the game. Crate Entertainment are also hoping to add a recipe based crafting system and multi-player options to the title sometime in the future. For more information or to download Grim Dawn, be sure to check out the Early Access title on Steam or directly from Crate Entertainment.