Tomb Raider, Brothers & More Hitting Playstation Plus

Sony has announced via its official blog what EU subscribers of PlayStation Plus will be treated to in March.

The biggest game among the list is Tomb Raider, last year’s AAA action-adventure reboot of the franchise. Tomb Raider did well critically, so it’s good to see even the best games come to the service. Tomb Raider is coming to the PS3.

Also coming to the PS3 as a download to PlayStation Plus is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. This 3rd person puzzle/adventure game sees players taking control of two brothers who must journey across a fantasy realm solving puzzles.

Vita owners will be able to download PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD, a tower defence title which features content and challenges from the previous PixelJunk Monsters games.

And last but by no means least, the PS4 is getting a new game as well – Housemarque’s Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition. This is a top- down shooter which features new features for the Ps4, including letting your Twitch viewers vote on in-game occurrences.

As with all PlayStation Plus updates, some game will leave the service , so for the full list of games entering and exiting PlayStation Plus, head on over to the official PlayStation EU Blog.