Pokemon Anime Caught By Netflix

Back in 1996, the Pokemon anime was launched along with the video game, and when it was released in the west three years later, an English adaption of the series followed in it’s footsteps.

For the first time on March 1st 2014, it has been revealed that selected series of the anime will be available on Netflix in the Untied Kingdom and several countries worldwide. The first content to be made available on the popular streaming service will be the first season, known as Pokemon: Indigo League, and the first season set in the Unova region, known as Pokemon: Black and White.

The first two movies from the Black and White era, Pokemon the Movie: Black – Victini and Reshiram and Pokemon the Movie: White – Victini and Zekrom will also be made available on the same day. It is possible that more content from the series will be made available later in the year, but at this moment in time, no confirmation has been made by Netflix or The Pokemon Company International, the current holders of the ahime’s license.

Will you be journeying to the Kanto region, or do the wonders of Unova better hold your interest? Let us know what you think in the comments below.