Steam Developers Can Now Discount Their Games


Developers on Steam can now set discounts on their own games without Valve’s confirmation, a Reddit user has found. The information was taken from Valve’s private Steamworks community page. Formerly developers would need to work with Valve in order to join weekly promotions or create limited time discounts.

Now developers only need to access their Steamworks page for their game to configure one of two discounts: weeklong deals, where developers can select an upcoming promotion for the next two months at a set discount percentage, and custom discount, which in the developer’s jurisdiction for up to two weeks.

However, the option is not yet fully functional, as observed by Gun Monkeys developer Dan Marshall.

FYI that Steam Discounts thing might not have fully rolled out yet. When I try to do it, I get a great big ERROR page.

— Dan Marshall (@danthat) February 26, 2014

Valve has recently added user-defined tags to Steam, letting users label titles chosen by themselves and peers.