Payday 2 Update ‘Death Wish’ Makes Things Harder For Career Criminals

The latest Payday 2 update will be kicking up the difficulty with tougher special units and a higher level of SWAT. Dubbed “The Death Wish” update, Overkill will be patching it unto the game Thursday, February 27.

Like most of Payday 2’s major updates, Overkill have teased it through an official update page. The first details released yesterday featured newspaper clippings and a voice message about Jacob Fallete and GenSec stepping up their efforts against the Payday gang. As always Overkill are being very secretive.

For todays update Overkill released this trailer:

Death Wish difficulty will add a new level of police response, as well as more intimidating bulldozers. Death Wish difficulty sounds very similar to the Overkill 145+ difficulty from the original Payday: The Heist. It offered a tougher challenge by mixing up certain events.

Another interesting point is that the screenshots used on the official update page aren’t of any map in the game yet. Given that there is one last update before Death Wish goes live, it is safe to assume Overkill are teasing fans with a new heist.

Overkill Game Director David Goldfarb tweeted this concerning the possible price of the update:

The Death Wish Payday 2 update will be available on PC tomorrow, with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions undated. Given that no Payday 2 DLC for consoles has been released yet, they may be waiting a while.