Divinity: Original Sin Looking At Spring Launch


Divinity: Original Sin, the next instalment of the Divine Divinity series created by Larian Studios, will be coming out of beta some point this spring.

This is odd news as the game is actually still in alpha, at least according to the last Steam update made February 17. The news comes from a press release, which states:

“Larian Studios announces a new launch timeframe for Divinity: Original Sin. The extra time will be used to implement feedback received from Steam Early Access players and Kickstarter backers”

The original expected release was February 28, but with that date looming, and much development left to be done, Larian are planning to use the extra time to propel Divinity: Original Sin through a beta phase at lightning speed.

Acting as a prequel to the rest of the Divine Divinity saga, Divinity: Original Sin features a co-op multiplayer and a classless combat system. Seems like Larian is promising big things, so they will hopefully deliver when it launches some point this spring.

The Early Access version of the game is still available on Steam, at a reduced price than what the full version will cost.