Sir, You Are Being Hunted February Update Adds Final Robotic Foe, Nearly Out Of Alpha

The aptly named Big Robot have released the February update for  Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

Focusing on mainly AI improvements, the update comes with one large surprised – The Landowner. Towering above the brush, this robot adds a new wrinkle into the gameplay as he relentlessly hunts you across the randomly generated landscape.

Other small changes include sight range, the way some objects work and UI indicators. You can find the full notes on Big Robot’s official site.

One other detail worth noting is that, with the cast complete, there is little left to add into the game. The post states “we only have one biome and customisation options to go before we’re content complete and we can start calling this a beta”. 

As Sir, You Are Being Hunted is currently a paid alpha, those who haven’t picked up the game yet should expect a price rise once the game moves into beta after a few more updates.