Titanfall Beta Preview

The Titanfall Beta has been let loose and has taken the Xbox One and PC by storm. The game combines FPS action with new verticality and speed with the additions of parkour and jump jets. But of course, it isn’t Titanfall without the Titans themselves. These massive mechanised monstrosities drop into the map and add to the havoc with big explosions, big fights and cataclysmic results.

In this two part video preview I will show you everything that is available in the Beta. In part one I display the menus and customisation options within the beta as well as impressions on the tutorial.

Part two of the preview will show you guys the gameplay of Titanfall and reveal how I feel about the game and whether it is worth that all important pre-order.

Enjoy this special look into the Titanfall Beta and let us know about your experiences in the comments below.