Square Enix secure trademark for “Shinra Company” (Edit)

For the many millions who know of Final Fantasy VIIs storyline, news of Japanese game developers, Square Enix, trademarking the name “Shinra Company” could be either exciting or terrifying. With the in game version of Shinra essentially being a mega corporation, responsible for the worlds energy, as well as creating genetic soldiers and controlling a stong military presence of Final Fantasy VIIs world, Gaia.

These are the obvious fears for the majority of gamers, with the less likely option being that Square Enix is going to be using this company as an extension to their already well established game creating ways. With no end for future Final Fantasy games in sight, it would be a safe bet that Shinra Company could possibly be taking on the Final Fantasy series, leaving Square Enix to focus on other endeavours, though this is just speculation at this time.

It has been brought to my attention that Square Enix have renewed their trademark as opposed to claiming it for the first time. The trademark has actually existed since 2004, and as part of preventing the TM from expiring, was renewed the other day.