Sony Tease The Order: 1886 Again In New Trailer

Sony have released a new trailer for The Order: 1886, teasing us once again about the PS4 exclusive made by Ready At Dawn.

Why do we classify it a teaser trailer? Because we still haven’t seen any gameplay, or indeed anything new. While short gifs and the same leaked footage make the rounds, this trailer is more an introduction to the story and themes, rather than a taster of what is to come.

Given that there is actual gameplay floating around in the ether, it seems odd that Sony wouldn’t release a gameplay trailer along with this well crafted video. The setting and plot outline do seem interesting, but The Order: 1886 has a lot to prove before it comes out.

While no release date has been set, you can already pre-order the game. It is expected Q3 this year, but at this stage that is liable to change.