Valve Updates Steam Tags to avoid Offensive Tags


Valve has released an update to their new tagging feature that was released in beta earlier this week. The tag systems allows players to categorize games in terms of theme, titles and other attributes, but some users have been using the system inappropriately. Users can now report popular tags that may be offensive, abusive or spoilers.

On Steam game pages users can click a flag icon to report the tag to Valve, which will then downvote the tag. Users can flag the tag as “offensive/abusive,” “not appropriate for this product,” “not a helpful tag,” or “spoiler” according to a post from Al Farnsworth on the Steam beta client group.

“In general, tags need to be applied by more users before they will show on the popular tags section,” Farnsworth wrote. “Please keep the feedback coming, we’re continually working to improve the feature.”