UPDATED: Titanfall Beta Access with Pre-Orders at GAME plus eBay Sales of Beta Codes


Update: The guys over at OXM did some digging and it turns out that the code was sent to selected GAME Reward Card holders and not everyone who had pre-ordered. So yay I’m a valued GAME customer I guess.

The Titanfall beta has been a bit of a puzzle for gamers as no one was quite sure how you gained access. Vince Zampella at Respawn Entertainment let us know that pre-ordering the game would not be required for entry to the beta.

However it seems that whilst beta access doesn’t require a pre-order, it doesn’t hurt your chances either. Having already pre-ordered Titanfall from GAME here in the UK, I received this email this morning:

Titanfall Beta

Sorry, no free code for the readers; the black bar and I have an arrangement. But it seems that those with pre-orders, or at least some of us, will be getting into the beta after all. Not sure if rushing out to GAME to throw your pre-order down at this point will help your chances, but you could always just trawl eBay if you want a code, where you can pick one up for the bargain price of £3500.

Titanfall Ebay

Some people just love video games more than others, though if anyone actually buys this I think they need help or an intervention or something. Anyway happy gaming, see you in the Titanfall Beta.