Free copy of the original Dungeon Keeper for members

What better way to celebrate Valentines day than to slap some imps, build libraries for Warlocks, and feed Bile Demons cute little baby chicks? If you honestly can’t think of a better way, then you are in luck as Bullfrogs epic game, Dungeon Keeper is 100% free from now until the 16th of February.

With the rights to Dungeon Keeper currently being in the hands of EA and causing controversies, and a fully funded kickstarter for War for the Overworld, which is essentially a reboot of what Dungeon Keeper 3 would have been, Dungeon Keeper will certainly be in the minds of many gamers.

For those who never played the game, now is going to be your best chance. Though it is almost two decades old now, it is still one of the titles that many players will remember fondly, and new players will probably still find themselves getting sucked into Dungeon Keepers unique game play.

To get your free copy of Dungeon Keeper, simply sign in or up to and click the banner labeled “Dungeon Keeper for free”. It is free to make an account on GoG, and if you are a fan of retro titles, it will certainly be worth your time.
As a side note, the sequel, Dungeon Keeper 2, is only £1.49 on GoG currently, so there probably won’t ever be a better time to relive your Dungeon building days.