Gfinity continues to develop the UK eSports industry

UK based professional gaming teams can rejoice as eSports are becoming easier to access for Europeans. Gfinity is now the leading in UK based eSports, bringing the concept to a larger audience. With tournaments being accessible all over the world, it is good to have a company representing the UK.

This season has added new game titles to the rota, on top of their best known Call of Duty tournaments. The titles added to the eSports calendar are DOTA 2, Counter Strike:Global Offensive, FIFA, and Starcraft II. As titles that are often played across seas in competitions and tournaments, it’s fair to say that they are great games to get more professional gaming teams in the UK to sign up for their chance to compete. Each one of these games will feature up to 5 weeks worth of schedules for the tournaments, with the first event starting on Monday 24th of February. Each portion of the events will be broadcast on Gfinitys website stretching from Tuesday to Friday. This is record breaking news, as this is the longest consistent eSports broadcast in UK history.

The top 6 teams per tournament will be in with a chance of winning prizes of up to $10,000, making Gfinity the best choice for any European team to compete in. With such high value prizes, it’s clear why Gfinity has become the best representative of eSports in the UK. With gaming being one of the most watched mediums these days, and with Gfinitys Call Of Duty tournaments raking up more viewers than the 12 Sky Movies channels and 9 MTV channels, it’s obvious that eSports are becoming just as entertaining as any other form of media. This popularity is allowing for Gfinity to continue providing more consistent content through out this coming year.

To enter your team into a tournament, and to be up with a chance to show of your skills to the rest of the world, sign up at Gfinitys website. Sign ups end on the 17th of February, so get your team in there fast.