Kinect Sports Rivals Release Date Announced

Kinect Sports Rivals will launch for the Xbox One on April 8 in North America, Australia and New Zealand and on April 11 in Europe, developer Rare and Microsoft announced today.

Kinect Sports Rivals uses the Xbox One’s Kinect to set players in sports competitions. A demo of the wave racing is available on the Xbox One but the full game will include rock climbing, tennis and shooting challenges.

Players will be able to create in game avatars or ‘Champions’ with customized looks. They will also be given the choice between three teams, with unique equipment, abilities and leading captain character. There is the Wolf Clan, Blake’s Eagle Legion and the Viper Network, each team will issue their own set of missions and use their own brand of motivation and competition tips to players.

Kinect Sports Rivals is available for pre-order at selected retailers and through