New world event, Escape From Lions Arch, coming to Guild wars 2

Lions Arch has long been a huge player hub in the Guild Wars universe. As a stronghold that has withstood a lot of attacks over the cities 250 year life span, it is sure to have some tricky situations lined up in its inevitable timeline. One of which is actually coming soon. Escape from Lions Arch is due to start on the 18th of February and it looks like it is set to mix up the current stability of the Guild Wars world.

A new teaser trailer revealed more information about the upcoming event, and recapped past conflicts that Lions Arch had survived. However at the end of the trailer, the ring leader of this attack, a Sylvari named Scarlet Briar, is heard recounting the past of Lions arch, only to then say “Nothing lasts forever”.  The threat of this attack sounds like it could have the potential to shake up Guild Wars’ equilibrium. The question now is whether we will potentially lose Lions Arch in this event, and if so, whether we will ever get it back.

It is these events that keep Guild Wars so fresh, and the chance of having to actually fight to keep the main player city is very exciting. It will be interesting to see how this living world event will affect players. With any MMO it is a game that strives on social player interaction, and activities like this tend to draw players together to fight for a common goal.