Metal Gear Developer Launches Blackmore Kickstarter

Metal Gear developer Hideo Kojima has just launched a Kickstarter, with his new team iQiOi, for their up-and-coming adventure game Blackmore: A Steampunk Adventure.

The “visual novel”, set in a steampunk inspired Victorian England, will involve the player getting point-and-clicky as the young protagonist Emma Blackmore and her robot companion in their investigations around “a crime scene of unspeakable horror”.

With a 2.5D isometric perspective art style and sound tracks from Konami veterans, the game aims to depict an atmosphere of invention and cultural merging while maintaining the dankness of Jack the Ripper’s era. The half-japanese heroine will make use of gadgetry such as the high-tech monocle which will aid her in uncovering truth behind the horrors.

The Kickstarter is aiming for a $200,000 goal and has reached $14,254 with 29 days left.