The Art Of Balance Tumbles in to the Wii U eShop

Third party Nintendo developers Shin’en Multimedia have announced that they will be releasing the Wii U instalment of their Art of Balance series which will be available for download on Nintendo’s eShop.

This new version boasts 5 player local play, online play, online leader boards and HD graphics. The game will also feature up to 240fps, up from 30 fps seen in the 3DS version, enabling players to accurately manipulate the game’s more advanced physics.

New graphics, physics and frame rate are set to create a more imersive puzzler

In a recent interview Manfred Linzner, Shin-en Multimedia developer, explained that the game would include all 200 levels from the 3DS version but with revamped graphics and environments adding that “even if you played them on 3DS they will feel like new on Wii U, simply due to the complete overhaul of the game’s look and feel.”

The game is set to include 5 game modes including the new ‘Tower Tumble’ in which players drop stones until one player makes the tower crash, giving each other player +1 point. Endurance, versus, cooperative, and online versus modes will also be included.

The game is currently set for release Q2 this year.