GAME stores to open new trade-in locations

After retailer, GAME, went into administration in 2012, almost half of their UK based stores where closed down, and the company had taken quite a hit. Just under two years later, and under new ownership, it appears that the UK best known games retailer may be on the rise again.

The news was announced in an article on MCV, that a new brand for the company is said to be in development. Two of the current GAME stores, one in Cambridge, the other in Lincoln, will be changed into Gametronics, a preowned specialist shop that sounds similar to the relatively well known chain, CEX. The focus will still be on games, but there will also be tech trade-ins and other hardware too.

If the trial with the first two stores goes well enough, we can expect other Gametronics locations in the future, most likely in towns that already have two GAME stores. Their will be a synergy between the two stores, much like Gamestation and Game previously. It is said you will be able to use your game reward credit across all stores under GAME’s ownership.