The Great British Game Jam 2014 Starts February 6th

Three UK development teams are joining each other in friendly competition this weekend, participating in The Great British Game Jam.

Team17, Bossa Studios and Future Games of London will be crunching as much development time as they can in 48 hrs. Each game they create will be based on a theme, which is usually what happens in Game Jams, but as with all Game Jams, these are usually kept secret until the start of the event.

Th event will run for 48 hours and teams will have to demonstrate quick thinking and the ability to rapidly prototype and bug-fix. These high-intensity situations will be familiar to anyone who’s participated in a game jam, the results of which will be shown off by 10 AM on the 11th of February.

The games produced will certainly be unique and interesting, often high-concept affairs. Surgeon Simulator 2013 was notable for being developed at a Games Jam and then becoming a full-fledged title after that, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for what the teams produce at the Great British Game Jam 2014.