Loadout Launch Goes Into Matchmaking Hell

The new free-to-play title from developers Edge of Reality recently launched on Steam. However instead of a smooth and successful release, the game has encountered a big problem. The game upon launch has been criticised for having poor matchmaking queue times. We aren’t talking a few minutes more than normal, we are talking anything from fifteen minutes to hours.

A post on the Loadout official forums was made live earlier today concerning these matchmaking issues. An employee with the username Rob went on to say:

“Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been away talking with our tech team. We’re still working on stress points with the matchmaking system, making improvements, and we’re going to keep doing it until things are working smoothly.”

As the posts continued to pile up both from the employee and the fans, the problem raised that there was no consistency in the waiting times what so ever. Rob shared that the developers were looking into the problem as best they can.

After the post began, an update arrived on steam for Loadout. Many people believed that this patch was going to fix the issues and for a time it did. However the problem came back with a vengeance, taking the gamers yet again to the forum. This is where Rob revealed a further issue which occurred with the patches installation. The post reads:

“The problem wasn’t caused by the patch. It was just triggered by the patch.

Starting up our game servers in NA and EU started failing earlier today. That happens when we expand capacity or when we restart servers for a patch. So, in effect, the patch caused us to lose a bunch of capacity, without any way to add it back.

We are working on solving the problem of starting up those servers.”

 At the moment this issue has not yet been fixed and people in the NA and EU servers will have to wait very long in order to get into a game. Meanwhile it seems as if the Australian server is working perfectly fine, if you can bear the poor ping. Could this be an early lights out for Loadout? Tell us what you think of the games situation down below.