Sonic the Hedgehog Rumoured for PS4 and Xbox One

According to a sign on show at the Nuremberg toy fair last week, Sonic the Hedgehog could be heading to PS4 and Xbox One in 2015. The sign, seen below, was initially spotted on Spindash and later translated on Sonic Stadium, bringing this interesting Sonic development into the lime light.

Last year, Sega announced a partnership with Nintendo, which ensured the next three Sonic titles would be Wii U or 3DS exclusive. Despite this it seems Sega are thinking much further ahead, having already lined up their contracted titles and moving on to bigger projects.

As well as this, the sign claims that Sonic’s first CG animated film is in the making, which is consistent with the recent movie domains filed by Sony Pictures. If reports are true, this could be the massive boost Sonic needs to reclaim the market, should the games and film be successful, marking a bright future ahead for the speedy hedgehog.