16-Bit Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Is An Old-School History Lesson

Square-Enix have released a retrospective trailer, created to catch players up on the events of the Final Fantasy XIII story thus far. To make it that little bit more interesting, it is done in the 16-bit style of Final Fantasy VI.

Coming out ahead of the February release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, this is an interesting clash of new and old. Seeing as Lightning Returns is set at the end of time itself, this is a rather apt concept.

Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be able to experience the conclusion to the story of Lightning, Snow, and all of the other L’Cie. Already out in Japan, there is less than a fortnight until NA and the EU have it in-stock. Hopefully Square-Enix won’t disappoint after ending Final Fantasy XIII-2 on a major cliffhanger.