Funcom Accused of Trader Infringement

The Secret World developer Funcom have reportedly come under legal investigation due to accusations of infringing the Securities Trading Act. The Norwegian developer have since been removed from the nations stock exchange, and are under-scrutiny from the ‘├śkokrim’, a specialized financial investigation unit.

NewsWeb have reported that the studio have been officially charged with trader infringement after Funcom failed to keep proper logs of company information between August 2011- July 2012. This period of time was also the run-up to the launch free-to-play MMO The Secret World.

This news comes after Funcom’s announcement that they will be restructuring the company due to financial difficulties, including laying off particular staff members.

Regardless of whether Funcom are guilty or not, this is not good news for a company that is already in a lesser position from where they were a year ago. Hopefully not too many of their workforce will be effected by both the charges, and the restructuring process.