Project Nimbus leaves it’s Kickstarter goal in the clouds

Project Nimbus, a mecha suit, flying, shoot em up, has not only reached its goal of £6,000, but has actually surpassed it by 295%. The total takings after the Kickstarter had ended was £17,689.
Project Nimbus takes themes from anime shows such as Gundam or Evangelion and features robot fighting suits called “BattleFrames”. As the game continues in development, GameCrafterTeam, the Thailand based developers, are excited by the prospect of being able to follow through with their plans. With the extra funding they will be able to implement more into the game, including a sandbox mode, an extended campaign, Oculus Rift support , as well as apparently planning a Mac release too. Officially signed to Kiss Ltd, a digital distribution service based around indie developers, Project Nimbus is to be released on Steam in the future.

With a post apocalyptic setting, and total freedom flying, Project Nimbus has a distinct, yet familiar feeling that looks to bring an interesting style of gameplay with it. Promises of intercepting missiles with machine-gun fire, “every kind of modern weapon you can imagine” and with colossal mecha enemies to take on, it sounds like there will be plenty of content in Project Nimbus.