GOG.com celebrates 30 years of PC gaming with a DRM free sale

Good Old Games is having a sale today including many retro titles. As a celebration of thirty years of commercial PC gaming, the sale is a tribute to where gaming started, and will include plenty of older, DRM free titles. The sale will work in a unique way, in that if a game is bought or voted for, it will stay on sale for longer. This means the more popular titles will stay cheaper for an extended amount of time, allowing more people to take advantage of the price

The sale is said to start at 2:00pm GMT (9:00am EST), and doesn’t have an end date due to the voting setup. It is still advisable to check out the deals sooner rather than later as titles can also be voted off the sale.

We can expect some classic titles such as Deus Ex, Legends of Grimrock and many others and some games prices dropping as low as $0.59. If ever there was a time to replay some of your favourite older titles, it would probably be now.