inFamous: Second Son Will Not Feature Any Form Of Multiplayer

infamous second son deslin1

Not so long ago rumors were circulating that Sucker Punch’s PS4 debut title, inFamous: Second Son, would feature a dedicated multiplayer component. This has now come out to be false, with the original story being a case of mis-translation, or poor wording, on a Japanese website.

Clarifying the story, Brand Development Director Ken Schramm denied the inclusion of multiplayer in an interview with DualShockers noticed this report, adding that Schraam specifically mentioned partner characters that will aid Delson through the game.

The possible inclusion of a multiplayer mode was a conflicting idea among series fans. Some thought the idea of super-power fueled battles across a ruined city would be great, while others were concerned over it possibly drawing focus from the single-player.

inFamous: Second Son will be out exclusively on the PS4 March 21, 2014, worldwide.