VVVVVV Creator’s Copyright Claim Rejected By Youtube

Terry Cavanagn, creator of indie platformer VVVVVV, was subject to a copyright claim on one of his own trailers when Youtube implemented their Content ID system late last year. He disputed the claim, appealing to Youtube as he owns the right to the musical track used in the VVVVVV trailer, which caused the ID system to kick up a fuss.

A month later, Youtube have reinstated the copyright claim, stating that the content belongs to Indmusic. PCGamesN were the first to notice this situation on Cavanagn’s twitter.


Despite Cavanagn owning the rights to the SoulEye music in question, Youtube have sided with those who have made the complaint, even though they have no right to the apparently copyright infringing content.

This news is fueling the outrage many have at the new copyright system put in place by Google on Youtube, as well as how it is enforced. With no end in sight, hopefully Cavanagn, and others with similar copyright woes, will find a solution soon.