Steven Spielbergs plans for who will direct Halo TV pilot

halo 4 spartan ops ep10 04

It has been reported on a site named Latino review, that the Halo TV series, announced by Steven Spielberg at Microsofts reveal of the Xbox One, has a potential director for the pilot. Spielberg reportedly wants Niell Blomkamp, director of films such District 9 and Elysium, and the original director for the canned Halo movie, to take on the pilot episode for the planned extension of the Halo universe.

Blomkamp stated in an interview with IGN in 2013, that he’d “still really love the world and the universe and the mythology of Halo. If I was given control, I would really like to do that film”

With a fair few sci-fi features under his belt, and an interest in the Halo cannon, Blomkamp seems a like the obvious choice for directing the first Halo TV episode.