Nvidia marketing manager killed during train rescue attempt

Nvidia marketing manager Philip Scholz dies on January 20 after attempting to pull a man off the train tracks at the Santa Clara Caltrain Station in California, as reported by Mercury News.

According to surveillance footage taken, Scholz laid on his stomach in an attempt to pull the man to safety just before the train hit both men around 5.30pm. Scholz was killed in the accident, while the man he helped remains in critical condition at the hospital.

“As the train approached, the person did want to get out of the way,” said his wife, Emily Scholz, “but between him and Phil, something happened and they were hit.”

Nvidia co-founder Chris Malachowsky said the act “completely resonates with something consistent with the guy.”

“He was confident, aggressive, capable, I could see that without a moment’s hesitation, he’s going to act,” Malachowsky said. “I’m sure his knee-jerk, no hesitation to help someone else is what caused this — he goes down as a hero in my book.”

Scholz, age 35, was raised in Washington and moved to attend Santa Clara University where he met his wife Emily Scholz.

The memorial for Philip Scholz will take place at 10 a.m. on Feb. 10 at the Veterans Memorial Building in Pleasanton.