Kairosoft’s Ninja Village Now Available on iOS

Ninja Village has finally made the migration from Android and is now available on iOS. Released a week ahead of schedule by the folks at Kairosoft, Ninja Village sneaked under the radar this week but be sure you don’t miss out.

The latest addition to the huge Kairosoft family, Ninja Village is a simulation game where you help support and expand a village of ninjas. While keeping your ninjas happy and healthy is at the game’s foundation, your main focus will be on training them up to go head to head with the Generals of feudal Japan, in an attempt to unite the country.

For fans of Kairosoft titles, Ninja Village most closely resembles Epic Astro Story, so if you enjoyed the town building and combat combination from there then you’ll feel right at home. That’s if you weren’t already swayed enough by ‘ninjas.’

Ninja village is available now for £2.99/$4.99 on iOS and Android. As always, you can also pick up the free lite version if you’re on the fence or looking for a taster before buying.

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