Tomb Raider Xbox One frame rate just half of PS4 version

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition has been shown running at 60fps on the PS4, double the frame rate on the Xbox One.

A spokesperson from Square Enix has not commented on the difference, but things have gradually come to light to verify the matter.

On Thursday, January 23 GamesRadar published a video interview with Tomb Raider’s executive producer Scot Amos, showed certain parts of the “the PS4 version running at 60fps at 1080p”. Square Enix has maintained that both next-gen versions were expected to run at 30fps, and any achievement beyond would be a pleasant surprise.

“Delivering the core Tomb Raider gameplay at native 1080p and running at 30fps was always our primary goal,” Square Enix told CVG.

“Anything beyond 30fps for this version is gravy. Both platforms offer the same outstanding Tomb Raider experience.”

There have been a few other games on the next-gen consoles that have been run at higher frame rates/resolutions on the PlayStation for than on the Xbox One, including Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition will arrive on consoles Friday January 31 across Europe and Tuesday 28 in North America. There will not be a PC version released.