DayZ developer engages questions in a Reddit AMA

DayZ developer Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall took part in an ask me anything session on Reddit last night, prompting much information about the next update. Many users had questions about the future of DayZ, including what features we could expect sooner rather than later. When asked about the potential for fortifying buildings and engaging in other activities that would require teamwork, Hall responded “Yes, this kind of endgame stuff is quite key to what we want to do. However, in order to do this we have to perfect the architecture which is what we are doing now. Certainly I think underground bases and advanced vehicles will allow some of this really exciting and “eve” style play” Though many players already know that vehicles will be implemented, it is great to hear that it will be an improved version with more steps to getting that old motor running. Dean confirmed that getting a car on the road would follow the same sort of principle as attaching components to your gun ”Vehicles will be done based on the architecture we are doing for items/weapons now (i.e. attachments). So it’s in progress really. We are replacing the physics system for items (throwing, etc…) and this new middleware will be used for vehicles also. Bases will take longer. Barricades will happen first.” The news of barricading is one that many players want and bases will also change a lot about the way the game is played, with the potential of having a safe place to store equipment. It’s also encouraging to hear that Rocket wants to ensure that the game is at a stable level before implementing mechanics that could break the equilibrium.

When questioned about new plans for DayZ’s road map, Rocket simply stated “Hunting, camping, bow and arrow, vehicles” and later he mentioned his love for Skyrim mod, Frostfall, which is designed to create harsh weather conditions in the Skyrim world, which you must combat by wearing warm clothing, building fires and making tents. This all fits in perfectly with DayZ’s general goal, which is to make the ultimate survival game. The planned camping could very well follows trends within the Frostfall mod. The importance of the survival aspect is paramount to Rockets idea and he makes it sound like he wants players to pay an upkeep for the more valuable objects in the game, meaning you may have to keep more than just yourself alive. When asked if aircraft was planned Hall responded “Yes. I think helicopters and small aircraft will be important. But they should be very complex to maintain” this implies a certain level of resources to help keep your aircraft air worthy, whether this is something as simple as fuel, or having to repair after landing too heavy, is unclear, but it sounds like a lot of effort will have to go into getting yourself airborn.

DayZ sounds like it is set to become a much harder game, but this could potentially force more social interactions and less killing on sight. The aspect of teamwork is slightly forced upon us with the need for another to engage in blood transfusions, but the idea of needing several people to do certain activities is a promising one. Either way, DayZ continues to move along its development path, and the fans and I shall sit and wait for each update with eager and open arms.