Candy Jam Invites Developers To Make Games With Candy In The Title

Days before the Global Game Jam 2014 event, the Candy Jam was announced today and invites team of programmers and artists to essentially troll, the developers of the ludicrously successful Candy Crush Saga. are trying to trademark the words Candy and Saga, and are trying to legally enforce this on developers of games that use those words in the title – most notable of which is the recently-released The Banner Saga, reports Hardcore Gamer.

It’s all about making a statement, as well as “an occasion to to make another game-jam” that directly opposes what the makers of the Candy Jam call a “ridiculous” practice of trademarking common words.

This of course hearkens back to the case of Tim Langdell and his trying to trademark the word “Edge” and subsequently trying to sue EA for Mirror’s Edge and Edge Magazine for the same reason. He was publicly derided and eventually his trademarks were cancelled by a judge in April 2013.

The Candy Jam asks developers to specifically contain candy or sweets, and to contain words such as “candy”, “scrolls”, “edge” and “saga” in the title. By February 3rd, the deadline for applications, we should see a whole host of candy themed games with titles like “Candy Edge: The Scroll Saga” etc.

What do you think? Is this a serious statement or is it a fun joke? Let us know in the comments below.