Become Infamous In The Next Big Payday 2 Update

Payday 2 will soon be receiving a free update aimed at making sure long-term players stay interested. Detailed on the games official site,  Infamy will reset level 100 only players to 0, wiping levels, talent points, and wipe all of your non-offshore money as well as costing $200,000,000 in offshore cash. This heavy cost comes with the bonus of going up an infamy level, as well as a gaining an Infamy point to spend on a new series of unlocks.

basically, this is Payday 2’s version of Call of Duty’s prestige system, with a few extra perks. You still keep your guns, masks and offshore money, apart from the reset fee. There are rewards all the way up to the 14th time you decide to go back to 0, with the points so far only seeming to unlock vanity items.

As a final touch, any player who is classes as “Infamous” will hold a card in the lobby representing their Infamy level. Going from the Joker, all the way to the Ace of Spades, will take some serious dedication. 1400 Levels of dedication in fact.

Overkill have released the update today, but it will be ongoing as the first part is only the first Infamy tier and point. The rest will be completed in coming updates that will continue to drag career criminals out of retirement.