Yuna’s Outfit Confirmed for Lightning Returns: FFXIII Pre-Orders

Today Square Enix have revealed a new pre-order incentive for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. ‘Spira’s Summoner,’ aka Yuna’s Final Fantasy X outfit, will be available for American customers who pre-order the title through Amazon. This is on top of the Cloud Strife outfit, which is already bundled in with pre-ordered copies. Both outfits will also be available later in the year as DLC, so those who don’t buy early can still pick them up.

With three of Lightning’s outfits based on previous beloved Final Fantasy characters, including the limited edition Aerith outfit available in Japan, Square Enix are really pushing their nostalgia marketing schemes. While I myself can’t say I’m won over by these homages to games past, what do you think about the outfits? Are they a welcome addition or an unnecessary hook?