Monuments Appear on Anno Online Islands

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have announced a brand new feature of ANNO Online. From January 21, 2014 players will be able to build monuments that will create bonuses for the game.

Players are able to build these monuments by completing a quest chain and gaining knowledge points to unlock new buildings.

The first structure you will be able to build is The Library, but it will be in three construction stages as will any other monument. Players must manually deliver goods to the construction site and search for specific items before construction can be completed.

Next on the list will be the Tech Tree consisting of several branches that can be unlocked for Knowledge Points allowing players to build 6 different types of Botanical Garden each with their own bonus.

Online players are able to visit others and help them build monuments by sending constructors, as well as being able to request help from others to hasten the building process.

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