Housemarque Working on Resogun DLC and New PS4 Project

Developer of PS4 launch title Resogun, Housemarque, have announced that they are working on new DLC for the game, as well as an unannounced project.

In a Facebook post expressing their delight at being nominated for “Action game of the year” at the DICE awards, they replied to a comment revealing their current state.

” At the moment we are working on Resogun DLC and another PS4 project.”

Simple enough, and given the warm reception for their d├ębut PS4 title, the DLC will most likely be received with open arms by the community. The downloadable PSN game is currently one of the most critically well received games on the PS4 on Metacritic.

Nothing is known about their next project, other than the fact it will be on the PS4. Hopes are high that we will hear more soon.