Exciting New Trailer for Lightning Returns: FFXIII

A new trailer emerged today for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Featured at the end of the XBL demo that many missed out on, but can hopefully check out soon, this glimpse of the title has a much more theatrical approach than we’ve seen before. With a focus on the game’s story, the video heavily emphasises the drama and magnitude of the events that are about to unfold for Lightning. No one said the end of the world was going to be easy.

Lightning Returns is shaping up to be by far the highlight of the XIII trilogy. With sprawling landscapes and cities, huge amounts of customization, and a dark, grittier feel than it’s predecessors, I for one am eagerly awaiting the release of the game next month. I’m still not sold on the Cloud Strife outfit, but is anyone?

The dramatic conclusion to the XIII trilogy will be available on February 11th in the US and 14th in Europe, for Xbox 360 and PS3.