Driveclub to have Incredibly Near-Realistic Detailed Environments

Evolution Studios’ PS4 exclusive Driveclub has within it an immense level of detail for the environments at near every part of track within the game. On top of this Sony is incorporating new elements into the title, explained via the, be moved‘ site. At the PS4 section, which can be found from the second to last one you will find a very impressive animation of a DualShock 4 controller assembling itself, along with some quite out of the way paragraphs about Driveclub. 

By scrolling all the way down to the PS4 section, which is the second to last one, not only you’ll be treated to a fantastic animation of a DualShock 4 controller assembling itself, but there also are a couple hidden paragraphs, one of which is about Driveclub.

“MAKING A BETTER WORLD, LITERALLY. Artists imagine new worlds. Engineers bring them to life. DriveClub is a new driving game that takes realism to the next level. Every location is precise down to the angle of light. Flora is detailed to the species. The cars are made of a staggering 250,000 polygons. So the feeling of driving is as real as the world created.”

These are some mighty impressive stats and continues to reflect what Drive Club has become. That is a project looking to leave no holes and made simply to take PlayStation 4 players a-back. Let’s hope that this does indeed pull off upon release.