Square Enix to Publish El Shaddai Manga Adaptation

It’s been over two years since El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron came to western shores, and to be honest, it didn’t make a big impression. While the game received generally positive feedback for its stunning visuals and curious story, the game play was slightly underwhelming, and it was overall too niche for everybody’s tastes. However, that’s not the end of its story. Not too surprisingly the quirky game picked up a much more solid fan base in Japan, and as a result, a manga adaptation is on the way.

The manga, titled El Shaddai Ceta, will be drawn by the game’s director and character designer Takeyasu Sawaki, keeping the adaptation’s style true to that of the original game. It is intended to offer a new view on the world of El Shaddai, which will be welcome considering how quite frankly bizarre the whole experience was. Some eager fans have even speculated this may lead to a sequel for the game sometime in the future, should the manga be a success.

El Shaddai Ceta will debut in February in the monthly GFantasy magazine published by Square Enix. While it may not pick up an English translation, it would be well worth hunting down if you’re a fan of the game’s visual style, as it will no doubt be a beautifully presented story. For now, you can enjoy the teaser image below.