Pure Carnage as Kingdom Under Fire II Displays 10k Characters at Once

Japanese Website 4Gamer interviewed Blueside CEO Sejung Kim on the development of Kingdo Under Fire II. The title, which has been in development for over six years is scheduled to be released for PC and PS4 in 2014 for the Asian market. Several aspects of the title were brought up, such as Kim reminding us of the power of their engine, which can now display Kingdom Under Fire II with up to 10k characters on a single map. Considering the vast elements that go into a single character, this is darn impressive.

On top of this, Kingdom Under Fire II has incredibly low system requirements which further reinforces Blueside’s technical achievements and the pay off for leaving the title in development for so long. Whilst a Western release is most likely inevitable we will not see that date announced for some time. Yet this mass destruction is something that will be worth the wait, let’s hope at least.