Maxis Still ‘Exploring’ an Offline Mode for SimCity

In a recent post on the EA forums, Maxis stated that they are still exploring an offline single player mode for SimCity. This statement emerged following the recent acceptance of the modding community for SimCity, in which players are encouraged to create new content for the game, but not to tamper with the core game or online mechanics. As a result, this offline mode will provide a more contained environment for modders to test out their content before unleashing them upon the multiplayer world, while also likely working to discourage people from attempting to create their own offline mod.

SimCity was controversially designed to be online only after EA decided to push multiplayer elements into the traditionally single player franchise. However, when the game launched last year it was instantly faced with adversary in the form of severe server problems, leading to regular connection drop outs, lost saves, and angry players. It was nothing short of a disastrous launch, and left many users crying out for an offline mode to be made available.

For Maxis to say they are looking into an offline mode is a huge positive for players who may still want to experience SimCity without having to worry about their wi-fi connection, though it may also prove too little too late for some.