505 Games Looking to Bring Terraria 1.2 Update to Consoles

Terraria has attracted a substantial fan-base over the last few years and, with the significant 1.2 update now available on the PC edition of the game, fans are looking to demand that 505 games port this patch onto consoles. On their Facebook page 505 games have set out to explain their efforts in moving this patch across the console oceans. 

The team has expressed that the process has been complex and difficult for them and that, due to this, the update will be brought over in small, ‘waves’ rather that in one bundle. 505 Games also confronted the speculation about lack of features that the console editions will have in comparison to the PC edition.

“Second thing would probably be: “are we going to miss out on anything on consoles?”, and the answer is yes…you will not get the 10 additional inventory slots that were introduced on PC, but so far that is all.”

This does seem like a fair trade in reality if the inventory slot is the only aspect of the patch that console fans of the title miss out on. With the introduction of hundreds of new weapons, locations and crafting materials, patch 1.2 for Terraria still brings a lot to the table. The patch is expected to begin shifting to the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions of the title in, “‘early 2014”.