Killzone Shadow Fall Sells 1 Million Copies

Killzone Shadow Fall was released with the PS4 at launch, and was also available as part of a bundle with Sony’s latest machine. The game received mixed to positive reviews from critics, but most were agreed on the game’s ability to showcase the graphical powers of the machine.

Sales figures have revealed that the game is one of the first of the next-gen-only games that has reached this milestone according to a report by Playstation Gang. Bear in mind that 27% of this figure is accounted for by bundles, which in some cases was the only way to purchase the incredibly in-demand PS4 in time for Christmas. Killzone Shadow Fall followed the story of Lucas Kellan and his quest to survive in a cold war-turned-hot with the ever-popular antagonists, the Helghast.

Guerilla Games have previously stated that they’re working on a new IP as opposed to a new entry in the Killzone series, but fans of the studio should look forward to it as it’s also a PS4 exclusive.

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