Yogscast Raises £700,000 in Charity Livestream

The UK based gaming channel, The Yogscast, announced that its December stream event, the “Yogscast Dwarven Dairy Drive” raised over £700,000. This is in comparison to last year’s event which raised just over £240,000. This was a large event, and the associated Yogscast gaming channels and their Youtubers played games live every night during December. 

Fans – called Yogonauts – who donated more than $25 during the stream got a humble bundle of sorts – Napoleon: Total War, Garry’s Mod, Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing, Awesomenauts and The Chaos Engine. A $5 donation netted gamers a Team Fortress 2 item called the Heart of Gold.

Mark Turpin, Chief Executive, said:“We were aiming to reach £300,000 so to get to £700,000 is an incredible achievement and shows how generous gamers in general and Yognau(gh)ts in particular are.”

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