Dark Stork Studios Creating New Unreal Engine 4 Based Title

 A new year, an entirely fresh start for Dark Stork Studios, a recently created video game development studio located in Pozan, Poland. The group have stated that they have begun work on a new project that shall be powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. 

Whilst release and indeed any specific details on the title have not been announced it has been confirmed that 28 people are working on the title and have been doing so for the last 158 days. On the Dark Stork Studios site the company has commented; 

“As the world’s most advanced game engine, Unreal Engine 4 gives us the power to do more than ever before. Unreal Engine 4 offers a deep, intuitive toolset and low-level access to code, cutting down on development time and ensuring faster iteration on creative ideas. With a completely new rendering architecture, Unreal Engine 4 enables us to achieve high-end visuals, while remaining both scalable and accessible to make games for low-end systems.”

Currently, the Unreal Engine 4 title is still in pre-alpha development. For further details be sure to check out the video log from Dark Stork below. 

Do you believe that Dark Stork will be providing us with a interesting new series for next-gen consoles? Let us know what you think in the comments below.